The Secret Balance Of Champions: Health Challenges in Elite Sport (2021)

I coauthored the Introduction to this book:

The book explores health challenges elite athletes might face during and after their career, featuring insight from legendary champions such as Chris Hoy and Mo Farah.

Enrico Caruso By Himself

The legendary tenor Enrico Caruso was a major inspiration to all his successors up to and beyond Pavarotti. In 2014 I acquired an extensive unpublished archive of his letters and other papers. I used it to write a new biography of Caruso in English for private circulation rather than sale. In the coming months I will be commemorating the centenary of Caruso’s death by making my book available open access at

My acquisition of the Caruso archive also led me to meet the great tenor Joseph Calleja. Together we launched a charity to help young musicians in the early stage of their careers: the Drake Calleja Trust. See the section on Philanthropy for more information about this charity.