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My Roots

My father wrote his memoirs in his 90’s, which describe his early life in a Welsh village followed by his experiences in WW2. I’ve created a website for his uplifting book at:

My Philosophy

Albert Einstein asserted that “setting an example is not the main means of influencing others; it is the only means”. In much the same way, at my core I have always yearned not merely to theorise about creating a better world, but to do something about it.


Guided by this motivation, the integration of my commercial and philanthropic activities under a single umbrella has always been second-nature to me. Indeed, it is the nexus between the two, where one finds a cross-fertilisation of ideas, energy, and resources, that the impetus for change is generated.


Underpinning my motivation lies an unwavering enthusiasm to connect. To connect not just with the world, but most importantly with people. Meaningful things in life start with a connection, and when I review my life, it will be the connections I have fostered that will outlive me, and be my main source of pride

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