I am the chairman of the Drake Calleja Trust working alongside Matthew Hargreaves to provide musical scholarships and/or grants for those with exceptional musical talent, particularly those from socially or economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The Trust is honoured to be associated with Joseph Calleja, the Maltese tenor, who acts as Patron.


There is a separate section of the Trust (the Drake YolanDa Award) for non-classical music led by the celebrated saxophonist and philanthropist YolanDa Brown. This supports emerging artists across the UK on their musical journey.


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The Drake Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation committed to understanding and improving the health and welfare of people impacted by head injuries, including sports players and IPV survivors, through scientific research and collaboration. This research will also inform the understanding of neurodegenerative diseases in the wider population, and hopefully ultimately one day enable us to mitigate against disease risk. Launched in 2014, we have already invested over £2.2 million into research funding and open access resources that unite sport, science and society. For more information, visit

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The Troubetzkoy Archive Project -

My team at FSG Arts, together with the Museo del Paesaggio, are creating a database of the works of the great ‘Singer Sargent’ of sculpture, Paul Troubetzkoy. The original plasters of his works are housed in a beautiful museum on the banks of Lake Maggiore in Italy. From an unpublished archive I acquired and that of the Museo del Paesaggio, we are creating a Catalogue Raisonné of his works.

Being a philanthropist allows me to help promote the welfare of others and  organisations in various industries through giving back what I have gained over the years.




When I came up with the idea of connecting contact sport with neuroscience research, I never thought that I would end up creating portraits for a testimonial!


I am no professional artist, but I can paint a oil portrait or scene based for example on a photograph. Painting a person I admire can help me to connect with someone who is a stranger. Empathy is an emotion I value highly. 


My philosophy of life is that we all have a path to follow and along the way there are sets of heavy gates manned by strangers. It is important to be able to empathise with these strangers.

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