I am an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and amateur Artist based in the heart of London. My business success has been ongoing for 20 years and growing year by year.    


At the heart of my business success is the ability to connect people from different but complementary backgrounds to create success and 'make a difference' to the world.


In recent years, I am branching into new philanthropic areas that are close to my heart. These initiatives span across sport, music and education. As a team, we have quickly gained footholds in these fields. Business acumen and back office integration have been key to achieving these goals.


I am passionate about the integration between business and philanthropy, and am keen to reach out to other entrepreneurs to facilitate the creation of more philanthropic initiatives built on the back of successful commercial infrastructures.


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I am also an amateur artist, and my ultimate aim (which I may only aspire to!) is to go deeper than just creating a likeness. I do this for personal enjoyment and under no circumstances for any financial reward. My portraits have proved a wonderful way of connecting with people. Here are some of my paintings including a few members of the Saracens Rugby club which now reside with their families. These portrayals were developed as a result of a Drake Foundation study with Saracens Rugby Club and University College London.


Please get in touch if you believe that we can work together to make a positive change!

James Drake, presenting Football legend Marco Van Basten with a portrait he painted at the Drake Football Study kick-off meeting.