My aim is to connect people from different but complementary backgrounds to create success and 'make a difference'. I don’t seek financial support from these people - only their help and advice; I fund everything myself.


Our philanthropic initiatives dovetail into our science publishing operation. They span neuroscience, sport, music and science education.

I’m keen to reach out to other entrepreneurs to facilitate the creation of more philanthropic initiatives built on the back of successful commercial infrastructures.

I am also an amateur artist, aiming to do more than just creating a likeness. My portraits have proved a wonderful way of connecting with remarkable people whom I admire, and special moments in time. These include the great actress Dame Judy Dench, football ‘great’ Marco van Basten and the sale of the Salvatore Mundi painting by Leonardo for a world-record price. See My Oil Paintings for more details.

Another moment in time which I captured on canvas was the signing of Article 50 which triggered Brexit, for Prime Minister Theresa May. This does not imply a political view on Brexit either way. I also did a portrait for former Commons Speaker John Bercow, who is well known for his commentary around Brexit.




Please get in touch if you believe that we can work together to make a positive change!

James Drake, presenting Football legend Marco Van Basten with a portrait he painted at the Drake Football Study kick-off meeting.