My aim is to connect people from different but complementary backgrounds to create success and 'make a difference'. I don’t seek financial support from these people - only their help and advice; I fund everything myself.


My philanthropic ventures utilise many of the resources of our science publishing operation. They span science, sport, music and art.

I am also an amateur artist, aiming to do more than just creating a likeness. My portraits have proved a wonderful way of connecting with remarkable people whom I admire, and special moments in time. These include the great actress Dame Judy Dench, football ‘great’ Marco van Basten and the sale of the Salvatore Mundi painting by Leonardo for a world-record price. See My Oil Paintings for more details.



Please get in touch if you believe that we can work together to make a positive change!


James Drake, presenting Football legend Marco Van Basten with a portrait he painted at the Drake Football Study kick-off meeting.