Founder of The Drake Foundation – philanthropist and entrepreneur

I launched The Drake Foundation in 2014, a not-for-profit organisation committed to understanding and improving the health and welfare of people impacted by head injuries – including sports players and IPV survivors – through scientific research and collaboration. Since 2014, I have connected leading neuroscience research with mainstream contact sports in the UK, and have personally invested over £2.2 million into pioneering studies. One such study is the Drake Rugby Biomarker Study, which in 2021 resulted in the landmark finding that 23% of current elite rugby players sampled had abnormal structural changes in their brain. Using this research and our other complete and ongoing studies, The Drake Foundation continues to put brain health and player welfare at the top of the sporting and societal agenda.

My roots began in scientific publishing: I am the Founder and Chairman of  Future Science Group (FSG), which focuses on sharing breakthrough medical, biotechnological and scientific research via our trusted journals, digital hubs and events.


Our FSG Literary Unit ( is publishing the best illustrated letters of Sir Winston Churchill and thematic letters collections such as Letters from Sport and Letters from Science.


In 2015, I established The Drake Calleja Trust to help exceptional musicians from underprivileged backgrounds at the start of their careers. We now have over 1000 entries each year, and our scholars are among the most talented young musicians in the world. One scholar, Alim Beisembayev, won the prestigious Leeds International Piano Competition in 2021.

YolanDa Brown heads up a section of the Trust on non-classical music genres: the DrakeYolanDa Award.

As well as being a keen amateur artist myself, I am also Founder of a number of art and literature projects. For example, my team – on behalf of the artist’s family – created a database of the works of the great Rodin contemporary Paul Troubetzkoy. He is the Singer Sergeant of sculpture, many of whose treasures are housed in a beautiful museum on the shores of Lake Maggiore.


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I am also honorary science publishing advisor to the Blair Partnership, the literary agent of JK Rowling and many others from debut and established writers to broader talent across business, politics, sport and lifestyle.